Monthly Archives: November 2013

Why You Need An Editor #1

These are actual items I’ve come across. This is from a document I edited for a client: “Anyone who fails to comply with the regulations receives a penalty anally.” Uh, I really hope you mean “annually.” Here is the subject line of an email I received from Roots: “Last chance to save Thomas” Oh my […]

Don’t Cut Down Your Last Tree

Overwhelming scientific consensus concludes that humans face dire consequences from climate change unless immediate and severe steps are taken to halt the process (and maybe even then). And by “dire consequences” the scientists mean global catastrophe. Naysayers chortle derisively that Chicken Littles are always shouting about the end of the world and all things good, […]

Three Sunday Songs

It’s time to share the first three songs on my playlist, curated by life. Tracks on the playlist create unique and thought-provoking moods. They’re songs I crave as the soundtrack to my life. I use to explore music, so I’ll add the rdio links to the albums in case you’re a member. If not, […]

Reasons My Blog is Anonymous #1

My blog is anonymous so I can write things like this: One night after drinking vodka and playing online poker, I watched this six times in a row. Context: I am a 45-year-old man.

Wrong Demographic

Tonight while I was trying to get my son to come and brush his teeth, I told him: “You’re always running around like crazy and yelling and making noises and grabbing things off the ground. It’s like trying to get Carrot Top ready for bed.” He didn’t get it.

Man of Steal My Five Dollars

I’m almost finished watching Man of Steel, the latest Superman movie, on iTunes. It was either that or a biopic about philosopher Hannah Arendt. I want to see the Arendt film, but it’s unlikely until I’ve caught up on my action flicks. And now the new Hunger Games is out, so…. Man of Steel has […]

A World of Wonders (Lacking Wonder)

Yesterday I stopped to peer through the windows at the enormous blue whale skeleton on display at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia. It’s 25 metres, as long as a bus, and looms throughout the entire main floor of the building. Ramps on either side lead visitors down to displays on […]