Farewell, Hairy Old Friend

I shaved my goatee today. I had it for ten years, and now it’s gone.

The good news is that I look eight years younger. My goatee was almost pure white, and on first glance I’m sure some people took me for a sprightly 60-year-old rather than a not-so-sprightly 45.

The bad news is that goatees are excellent double-chin camouflage. Without the goatee my second, superfluous chin is out there for the world to see, so pink and pale and delicate.

We hit a bump on the bus to work today and I thought I felt my double-chin jiggle. I was in a sideways seat up front, and I imagined a whole busload of staring people mesmerized by my dancing neck fat.

If I lose enough weight I should be able to dwindle my chin count. I weighed in at 221.8 pounds this morning. It should be around 190.

So this is GOAL NUMBER 1 ——–> LOSE 25 POUNDS



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