Fifteen with Janine

Starting right now, I’m making time every day, at least fifteen minutes, to listen to music. I don’t mean have music on while I tell my son to stop screaming into a paper towel tube or improvise stories for him about Super Mario. I don’t mean play music while I obsessively preclean the dishes before putting them in the washer. I mean sit and listen for fifteen solid minutes to music.

I’ve thought about doing this for ages, but I’ve never made myself do it. Today’s the day.

I love many different music styles, but I’m going to spend my fifteen minutes mostly with classical. It’s almost impossible for me to appreciate classical music properly while I’m running around the apartment, so it’s perfect for my interlude.

Tonight I’ll listen on to Janine Jansen, a young Dutch violinist. She’s playing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a self-titled 2003 recording. I’m going to focus on the first track, Swan Lake Op. 20/ Act 3: Danse russe (Moderato).

If you give the fifteen-minute interlude a try, let me know what you listened to. I’m eager to learn about new pieces.


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