Nurturing an Idea

I wish to become rich. Here’s why…I would be a great rich person. I’d use my money wisely. Sure, I’d shell out occasionally to have a six-toed Greek tickle my kneebacks with a jewel-encrusted boar’s taint. But that just makes me normal.

Mostly, wealth would give me time to think. You see, I have a secret. I think I have an idea that could change the world, a lot. If I had the financial freedom to devote my life to my project, I could help countless people. (I know. Donald Trump just said, “Wow. That guy’s got an ego.”) But why not? Either you believe the world is perfect and/or impossible to change, or you believe it could become better. And if you believe the world could improve, then you must agree that the change could at least start with one person, one idea.

The problem is that my idea is not easy to accept. I believe that much of the suffering in the world is caused by a mismatch between reality and the language we use to think about reality. Put differently, there is a gap between the phenomena humans experience and the way our conscious minds interpret these phemomena. Some call this a gap between phenomenal and linguistic reality. I’m not the first person to speculate about this mismatch.

You can see why my idea is difficult to accept. It’s even harder to understand. For me, too. I’ve been reading relevant material for more than seven years now, and the shape of my argument is only beginning to come clear.

Here’s the next essential concept. Much of human thought, judgement and decision-making take place without intervention by the conscious mind. Rather, they occur unconsciously.

So, I’m saying that much of our thinking never appears in consciouness, and the thought that does is separated by a gulf from external reality. This adds up to a picture of human nature very alien to the way we typically perceive it.

That’s enough to share for now. More to come.

Back to my point about being rich. I figure all I need is five years full-time to fully nurture my idea. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Universe?



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