Man of Steal My Five Dollars

I’m almost finished watching Man of Steel, the latest Superman movie, on iTunes. It was either that or a biopic about philosopher Hannah Arendt. I want to see the Arendt film, but it’s unlikely until I’ve caught up on my action flicks. And now the new Hunger Games is out, so….

Man of Steel has some amazing scenes, but I recommend watching with the sound off. Put anything else on and it will be better than the dialogue. I knew a guy who had a shoebox under his bed filled with cassettes of his drunk relatives arguing. That would be way better than the Man of Steel dialogue.

Or, here’s an idea…a Man of Steel drinking game. Every time a character says something that makes you want to yell, “No s**t!”, take a drink. For example, after Superman thrashes the bad guys and makes a black-holey thing suck their ship away, and the minor character gushes, “He saved us!”, take a drink. You’ll require good alcohol tolerance for this game, about Rob Ford level.

The “No s**t!” moments aren’t limited to the dialogue, either. When the evil Krypton lady grabs Superman’s mom by the neck and lifts her off the ground about a meter, and then the camera cuts to a shot of her feet dangling, shout “No s**t!” and take a drink.

I’ll watch the last five minutes, now. That’s how little I’m invested in this movie–I can stop five minutes from the end and write a blog post.


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