New Year’s Confession

Something about singing flash mobs makes me over-the-top emotional. As in watch a YouTube video of practically any singing flash mob and in the first twelve seconds I’m rubbing my eyes with a Kleenex.

So I was floored when I watched this dude propose to his girlfriend accompanied by a flash mob singing one of the greatest songs ever written, “Rainbow Connection,” by the immortal Paul Williams. I’ve loved that song since I first heard it in The Muppet Movie 35 years or so ago.  Every time I hear it I feel like a kid again, innocent and free of doubt, pondering wide-eyed the mysteries my future might hold.

I hope so much that one day I encounter a flash mob. We all see enough anger and negativity every day, and a little unanticipated joy helps wash it away.


One comment

  1. My favourite is an orchestral flashmob that begins with a little girls and a busker. Search YouTube for ‘Orchestra flash mob’ and it should come up. Beautiful and uplifting.

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