Because a good editor just may save your marriage. I found this in the acknowledgments of a document I edited for a client: “I would also like to thank my wide Margaret, without whom this project would not have been possible.” Your “WIDE Margaret”? Unless your project was stuffing a phone booth full of people, […]

Seeking a creative individual to join the content management team at an innovative social media start-up. Skills required: 1] Must be able to rewrite song lyrics to feature the word “poop” 2] Must be able to work at least 7 minutes before looking at Netflix 3] Must have the ability to remember 40% of a […]

On my way downtown the other day a dishevelled and olfactorily challenging fifty-something plopped down at the back of the bus with his garbage bag full of cans. When he started chatting up nearby passengers, a small herd leapt up and stampeded down the aisle. Witnessing this icy reception, a bright-eyed young guy and his […]

Something reminded me just now of the prof who marked down my paper with a comment like this: “This is not accurate. I lived in Singapore for 8 years and their perspective is different from how you’ve explained it here.” What I should have said: “Thank you so much for your comments, Professor XXXX. I’m […]

Because it’s embarassing when you’re giving a moving speech before a global audience of millions, and your sign language interpreter turns out to be a guy making random hand gestures. ****Also file under “Signs You Need To Improve Your Hiring Process”****  

Because a good editor would have ensured that the Chinese poem adorning the cover of your scientific institute’s report on China wasn’t actually an advertisement for a brothel. ****Also file under “There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity”****

It’s time to join the trend and post my first nude selfie. Before you look below, I should explain that much of the photo has been redacted. I have been forced to crop a significant portion of the image. Let me explain. Due to pending copyright and privacy-related legal proceedings, I am unable to show […]